Some might call it a miracle. We call it GE’s TrueTemp™ System, and it is one of the main features of the GE Profile Convection Built-in Oven. The TrueTemp™ system helps to ensure that your food is cooked with accurate, consistent heat. The oven features GE’s SmartLogic electronic controls, which help monitor the oven’s performance for more precise temperature management.

Of course, TrueTemp™ is just one of the many helpful features available with the GE Profile Convection Wall Oven. Want to save valuable time? The GE Profile Convection Oven is self-cleaning, freeing you to enjoy time with the ones you love. Plus, with your oven installed into the surrounding cabinetry in your kitchen, you’ll save space in your home as well.

With the GE Profile Convection Oven, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time. You can cook on up to three heavy duty oven racks, and use the Big ClearView Window to watch food as it cooks. Now that the kids are back in school, you’ve got loads of free time to bake, broil and roast all of your favourite foods.

Just don’t forget to send some of those prized baked goods to those college bound family members!

How does the GE Profile 30” Electric Self-Cleaning Convection Built-in Oven cook food?

The GE Profile Convection Oven uses the Precise Air Convection System, which uses a fan to rotate air one way, then reverses direction to allow heated air to circulate evenly around food. In addition, a third heating element surrounds the fan and delivers consistent heat for True European convection. For roasting, the GE Profile Convection Oven also follows in the European tradition by using, along with the convection fan, the broil element and a concealed 2500-watt baking element beneath the oven floor.